12/15/2015So this is another QuickRewards payment. It’s for…


So this is another QuickRewards payment. It’s for $4.31 this time.

This payment is due to 6 surveys. One was for $1.00, two for $.75 each, and three for $.60 each. The last penny was from being disqualified from other surveys.

This is just a quick post since my last post a few days ago was also QuickRewards.

If you’re interested in this site, here are my links: 

Referral: http://quickrewards.net/?r=!F94VXV35D2U4F
Non-Referral: http://www.quickrewards.net/e/

I’m going to be traveling a few times in the next week but I’m also approaching my cashout amount on a few other sites so if I have time, I’ll have at least two more posts to come in the next few days.

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