12/18/2015 – second postHere’s another payment proof from a site…

12/18/2015 - second post

Here’s another payment proof from a site called InstantCashSweepstakes (ICS). My last post about ICS was three weeks ago so some of you may remember it and others may not.

It’s really a very simple site.

Every three hours, you take short, mostly user-generated surveys. All user-generated surveys are three questions long and are all multiple choice. There are also some surveys that ICS puts out. You’ll know which ones these are because they are short like the user-generated ones, but you cannot skip them. These questions ask about you. They’ll ask some basic demographics, like questions about the state you live in or your parenting style, and they also ask about other topics, like your hobbies. When you answer these questions consistently over time, you get an increase in something called your Trust Score.

Your Trust Score is a number that is shown on the upper right of the screen. It ranges from 1-10, with 10 being the best score possible. The more consistent, and therefore honest, you are with your answers, the higher your score will go. As your score goes up, you get to do more surveys per session.

Finally, there is one other type of survey. These are surveys that businesses or brands put out to get information on customers or the general public. These surveys are typically longer than three questions. They may also not all be multiple choice. There can be short answer questions. However, the payment is always higher for these.

Which brings me to my next point. There are three different forms of compensation for ICS. The first, and most important, of course, is cash. Once per survey session (which is every three hours), you can get a few cents when you answer a survey. Sometimes you don’t get monetary compensation but 90%+ of the time you do. You will never get money more than once per session, however. The amount generally ranges from $.01-$.07 but it can be higher and it’s all random, though it’s more likely you’ll get a smaller amount. For instance, today I got $.04, then $.01, then $.02 during the three sessions I’ve done so far.

The next form of compensation are tickets. If you do not get money, you will get tickets in place of the money. Tickets are accumulated and then automatically entered into a daily $50 drawing every 24 hours. I’ve personally never won this, although I wish I had. The amount of tickets you get varies. Sometimes you get ticket multipliers. They can last for just that survey, your whole survey session, or for a full 24 hours.

The final form of compensation is coins. Coins are very similar to tickets. But you get them every survey, regardless of whether you get money or tickets. You also get fewer of them per survey than tickets. However, you can still get multipliers for them. They are also used to enter a drawing. Coins are used to enter $2 drawings that happen every 4 hours. They are not automatically entered; you have to do it manually. That means you can save up your coins if you want to to have a better chance of winning. Personally, I’ve won this $2.00 drawing twice since I’ve been a member, which I’ve been for six years.

The minimum cashout amount is $2.00 and they only pay to PayPal. They say they pay out within 72 hours but it’s usually within 24. The FAQs say that sometimes PayPal takes a fee because of some bank transaction limits but I’ve never had a fee with my winnings.

There is also a pretty sweet referral program. If someone signs up under you, you get 100% of what they get. The only exception is if they win the $50 drawing. You don’t get that matched. If they win the $2.00 though, that is matched. I have a few referrals on the site but only one of them is active. However, that person did help me get about a third of the way to my $2.00 this time so that was very helpful.

That said, you do not need a referral to make money. When I’m consistently doing my surveys, I get, on average, anywhere from $.07-$.14 per day. There are times when it’s been less and there are times when it’s been much higher.

If you’ve made it this far (this was so much longer than intended!), and you’re interested in checking ICS out for yourself, here are my links!

Referral: http://instantcashsweepstakes.com/invitations/ref_link/42009
Non-Referral: http://instantcashsweepstakes.com/

Thanks for reading! Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope to update again soon with some new payouts from other sites!

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