12/18/2015One week until Christmas! Hope everyone is had a great…


One week until Christmas! Hope everyone is had a great day today! I’ve got two new posts and this is the first.

It’s another QuickRewards payment. This time, it’s for $4.93. This is from 7 different surveys. One was for $1.12, two were $.75 each, three were $.60 each and the last one was $.50. There is also an extra $.01 from being disqualified.

I find that as the holidays approach, I start qualifying for more surveys. Businesses and brands want to know what you’re buying or planning to buy or why you like the things you have. I’ve had great success with surveys lately and although I just got this payment late last night, I already have another $4.30 ready to be cashed out. I’ve even been busy traveling and seeing old friends from my hometown and I still had plenty of time to take surveys on this and other sites.

There really is no new information to add besides that you might qualify for more surveys around this time of year.

If you haven’t checked QR out yet, I’ll provide my links (although you’re probably all sick of seeing it posted all the time!)

Referral: http://quickrewards.net/?r=!F94VXV35D2U4F
Non-Referral: http://www.quickrewards.net/e/ 

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