12/27/2015 – Second post!This is a new site I haven’t posted…

12/27/2015 - Second post!

This is a new site I haven’t posted yet.

It’s called Clixsense Research. I’m sure most, if not all, of you have heard of Clixsense. Not everyone knows about Clixsense Research, however. You do not need to be a member of one to be a member of the other.

It’s very simple. You sign up and you get an email when a new survey is available. The email gives you the compensation amount and the time estimation. It’s usually pretty accurate, give or take a few minutes.

When you complete a survey, the money goes into your pending balance. Once the survey has closed, you get the money into your main balance. Once you have accrued $10 in your account, you can redeem with just a couple options. I always choose Amazon, but you can choose Dining Dough or Payoneer. All of them have $10 cashout minimums.

My favorite part of these surveys is that they sometimes offer in-home tests. They pay you to use the product and then to take a follow-up survey a few weeks later. I’ve gotten face wash, a bra, potato chips, shampoo/conditioner, and more.

The other thing that’s pretty neat is that every survey you attempt, whether you qualify or not, enters you to win $100, $250, or $1000. These are drawn daily, weekly, and monthly, respectively. I know a lot of people think these are scams but I actually won the $100 card a little over a year ago. Even after getting the email about it, I was skeptical. Then I got the card (it’s like a Visa card or something that works like a debit card), and I was still skeptical. I used it at the grocery store and ran it like a normal card and there were no problems.

There also is a referral program but you need email addresses of people you want to send it to and it’s not something I would do here. But if you’re interested in the program, you get $.50 after your referral completes their first survey, up to 10 friends and you also get entries into the sweepstakes for every 5 friends you invite.

To make it easy for y’all, here’s a direct link to the site:


Please let me know if you have any questions.

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