October 31, 2015

How to Create a PTC website from Scratch


We provide you with two kinds of services:

The first one we teach you how to build, manage and profit from your first PTC website:

  • Touch every point about the PTC industry, from getting users to adding advertisments.
  • Direct links to sources so you can check them out by yourself
  • Tips and Tricks about the PTC industry
  • Addional Coordination when handling your website
  • Read more Below

The second one we build the PTC website for you at your likings and then teach you how to manage it:

  • Everything from the first service above
  • Professionaly made website
  • No errors or bugs
  • 100% Quality made Websites ready to go
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First Service we Provide:

Hey, welcome to my eBook “How to Create a PTC website from Scratch”!
Like many PTC sites users, myself included, you probably have already wondered at least once the following idea: “Hum… Could I create a website like this? …” and then you went to do some research but found no decent guidance to fulfill this idea whatsoever. Well this eBook is here to solve this issue!


With my help you will go from a zero to a hero!
You will receive full guidance to create your own Paid-To-Click/Get-Paid-To (PTC) website.
From creating the website and choosing the domain, to adding the right advertisments and sharing your website to the world, my eBook covers it all!
You will finally be able to understand the PTC industry inside and out, and you will also be apart of the group of website owners that are making money on autopilot or with barely any work.
With that said, what are you waiting for?


What features does this eBook have?

  • Easy to Understand
  • Direct Links to the mentioned sources
  • Straightforward Guide
  • Mentions all the right points
  • Get to know the PTC Industry
  • Access to a private Q&A/Forums Area
  • Not boringly long but explanatory
  • Affordable price for everyone

What will I learn from this eBook?

  • How to create a PTC Website
  • How to monetize a PTC Website
  • What are the best ways to run a PTC Website
  • Tips to be a master of the PTC Industry
  • Receive the best resources and sources
  • Where to share my PTC Website
  • Adding addons to my Website
  • Best decisions to make while Creating my Website

Create PTC/GPT Website



An Example of the two best PTC websites:


NeoBux Logo

NeoBux is a PTC type of website, with thousands of daily new users and ads
Clixsense Logo

Clixsense is a type of website, with thousands of daily new users and offers


What are you waiting for?! Go ahead and start your own website!

Start making money like these websites!

If you are interested in starting a PTC Website/Business you will be pleased to know that for a very low price there is a way to get all the needed knowledge (and some extra) that without this eBook would be hard to get or find.
Most PTC owners started because a friend was already a PTC owner and helped them.Nowadays finding a decent and explanatory guide that helps you create your own PTC website from scratch is not easy. For the average person doing so can and will be quite hard and difficult, you will have a lot of answers but no one to ask them to.
Fortunately this eBook is here to fix this issue once and for all.
Below is a list of some of the chapters and sub-chapters that this eBook covers: 



  • 1. Introduction
  • a. What to expect from this eBook
  • 2. Getting Started
  • a. What do you need to start a site
  • b. How to start and which type of sites will you make
  • c. Which scripts are available to use for a PTC/GPT site (Part1)
  • d. Which scripts are available to use for a PTC/GPT site (Part2)
  • 3. Whats next?
  • a. Template
  • b. Forum
  • c. Support System
  • 4. Last Steps
  • a. Internal Site Information
  • b. Earning Money From Your New Website
  • 5. End
  • a. The End







eBook Create PTC/GPT Website


All of this chapters and sub-chapters are everything you need to start your own PTC Business and start earning money! We even offer a variety of forums inside the eBook that you can visit and ask your own questions or doubts about your PTC website!










Get access to a private Q&A/Forums Section!


After getting this guide you will also receive, to your email, private details to login and access our private Q&A/Forums area, so you can ask for help or clear any doubt you might have!
Search for others questions, search for solutions, ask around, dont understand something about your website? Ask!


Enough talking, and lets get down to business.
Creating a PTC website does not require lots of money like many people make it seem and its not the same as making a fire inside a ocean, its rather easy but without the proper knowledge and guidance you will most likely fail and lose money.
With this eBook you cannot fail and if you ever run into trouble you can simply and easily ask in the Q&A/Forums area for help.
So what are you waiting for? Follow this eBook and start your own PTC empire and create your own money making machine!
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30 days Money Back Guarantee



The Second Service we Provide:

Want to save all the hassle and just bring home the bacon?
We will build the website for you!

Save your precious time, and dont worry about making mistakes.
Order Below our Special Package and let one of our professionals handle everything.


You also get the eBook as part of the above service.

Extra Notes:

After the PayPal payment is sent, you will be re-directed to your personal download page to download the eBook, dont share it with anyone!
Dont forget to check your email after buying the eBook, because you will receive your Login Details to access the Q&A/Forums section to clear your doubts and ask questions!
If you need any help or dont understand something after ordering, simply contact me or ask in the Forums/Q&A section and I will help you out!